About Us


Empowerment Systems was established as the non-profit Pinal Gila Behavioral Health Association in 1990. Serving as the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for Arizona’s Gila and Pinal counties, we created and managed a comprehensive network of mental health and substance abuse services in the two county region. In 2005 the State of Arizona decided to take a different approach, awarding the contract to a for profit company. After a year of transition we reorganized, restructured and renamed ourselves Empowerment Systems, Inc. Aimed at using our resources wisely, we broadened our focus from behavioral health to overall health education and wellness.
We continue as a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt non-profit corporation, partnering and collaborating with other community based organizations to improve the lives of the people we serve.
 Mission, Vision & Values

Empowerment Systems’ mission is “Empowering people to improve lives”. Key to furthering our mission are partnerships, collaboration and support of other like minded organizations.
Our vision is to “Be a recognized leader and advocate for helping individuals, families and communities achieve optimal health, prosperity and wellbeing.”
We value a multidimensional approach to wellness that addresses virtually every aspect of life: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Occupational, Spiritual and Environmental.
Board of Directors

As a nonprofit community based organization, Empowerment Systems is governed by a volunteer citizens board of directors comprised of:

  • Dr. Michael Stumpf, MD, Chairman
  • Maurice Miller, Vice President
  • Betsy Yurgel, NMD, Member
  • Edie Faust, Member
  • Christine Morgan, EdD, Secretary
  • Kay Seward, PhD, Member
  • Eddie Sissons, Member
  • Sandie Smith, Member Emeritus
  • RJ Munoz, Member
  • Jack Beveridge, President and CEO